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Friday, February 19, 2016


edad50: MAGKASAMANG ADHIKAING SOLAR ASSOCIATION(MASA),INC: MASA,INC . or Magkasamang Adhikaing Solar Association, Inc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread renewable energy a...


MASA,INC. or Magkasamang Adhikaing Solar Association, Inc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread renewable energy awareness with concentration on solar energy to far flung and remote areas not reached or very hard to be reached by local electricity through free workshops, seminars and training to different communities and solar enthusiasts, DIYs and anyone interested to learn how to set up their own solar energy power. 
Chain of Betters
Handog sa Pagasa

CMOG-PN@5 Feb. 17,2016
MASA,Inc was first created as facebook group last May 27, 2015 after I realized that there was still lacking or something was still missing in all the solar seminars I had attended. I wanted something more concrete and a more comprehensive seminar or training, something of a legacy. So I decided to have the group legalized and had it registered in SEC(Securities and Exchange Commission) as Magkasamang Adhikaing Solar Association(MASA),Inc last July 9, 2015 as the FIRST SOLAR GROUP TO BE SEC REGISTERED with the blessings and help of my sisters Ma.Dolores Santillan Fontanilla, Victoria Alvaro, Antonio Santillan and my dear friends Ka Ronald San Juan, Sir Denz Sulligan, Sir Jose Bernard Condez. Our first meeting for MASA Inc was held August 8,2015 with Ka Ronald and Sir Denz for Train the Trainers workshop.

Heroes Award from YHI Philippines and Trojan Batteries International

With the help of Ka Ronald and Sir Denz, the first workshop seminar on Solar Panel making for Train the Trainers was held at Design Center of the Philippines(venue through the help of sir Illac Diaz of Liter of Light) last August 29,2015. Prior to our workshop seminar we were invited for a radio interview at DWIZ Business is our Business by Ms.Marou Pahati Sarne. And our journey as KaMASA boomed in so short a time. Workshops for members and trainers were conducted  twice in a month on a regular basis at Design Center of the Philippines(DCP). CCP COmplex, Roxas BLBD, Pasay City. Numerous invites to conduct livelihood seminars, workshops and outreached programs grew. 
APEC Workshop
Solar Panel Making at the House of Representatives
Off Grid Seminar Workshop by Rey Miranda

Big events like workshops for the all the congressmen in the House of Representatives during the International Year of the Light in partnership with Liter of Light, Bike to Paris COP2 Clean Energy Movement, APEC, Global annual convention of Sunlife held at Manila Peninsula and the Zayed Future Energy Prize held in Abu Dabi and more radio interviews followed.
Speaker Belmonte, UN International Year of the Light

MASA,Inc. Circuits innovation, solar lamps and solar streetlights had gone to many places like Morroco, Italy, Paris, Guam, USA, London, Abu Dabi, Senegal, Yemen and Columbia. Outreach programs in partnership with Ms.Anna Turla of SWAG Philippines, Sir Illac Diaz and Ms.Tessa Sevilla of Liter of Light and My Shelter Foundation, the armies, navies and marines with special mention of the CMO Group-PN in remote areas like Kalayaan group of IslandsCamp Gen.Nakar in Quezon Province, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Aurora Quezon and Tacloban to name a few. 

SOLAR GENSET For Pagasa Group of Islands

In a short period of time we had produced the FIRST SOLAR PV INSTALLER NC2 trainer in the whole of Luzon and all the 20plus trainers got their EPAS NC2.
Livelihood Workshop Seminar in Tarlac
Our ride was also bumpy, while a few of the the trainers who cannot conform and doesn’t have the heart to serve had opted to have another path, more and more DIYs had joined and made us even stronger. 
SunLife International CEOs at Manila Peninsula
We are all thankful for all the trust, full support and warm camaraderie of members,trainers, volunteers and partners. We wouldn’t be this strong and garner all these recognition, Heroes Award, certificates without all of you. MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG LAHAT, LET US CONTINUE TO BE #MASAINCSOLARADVOCATES AND CONTINUE TO #bethelight of #MASAInc


Friday, January 16, 2015

Santillan Solar Products and Services Logo

OMG! Almost 3 years since I last blog? Three long years of not expressing my thoughts and emotions on pen? Wow…already so many emotional and mental struggles I had crossed, activities and achievements had filled my day to day life, successes that made my life more colorful and radiant…blessings I could no longer account...and yes I am back…ready to blog and journal again my journey in this world.

My Dearest Best Friends
What kept me busy these past three years? This page wouldn’t be enough to enumerate it all. But what I was sure of was the happiness it had brought me, of the big step out of my mourning, of my deep depression, of feeling alone, of not wanting to live of finally seeing again how colourful and wonderful the world is.

My favorite Mahilum Brothers
I had been to many experiments of how I could bring back myself to present and these all led me to where I am now. I had enjoyed my life as an art consultant in Art Circle Gallery. I was given the best opportunity of meeting the best artists of our land like the Mahilum brothers, Mr.Manny and Angelo Baldemor, Mr.Henry Ordoña. Mr. Oliver Marquex, Mr. Alex Uy, Mr. Nilo Badajos to name a few. Thankful I had a happy working relationship with Mr. Gene Leynes, Manny Feli-cen, Raymond Biares, Jonalyn Francisco, Jocelyn Fondevilla, Pamela Grace Velasco, Mam O and so many of them to mention.

But my love for nature always pulls me. Just recently my dream fishpond and Garden had finally materialized. It’s my small world, my recluse, my abode. A place to relax my mind, empty my heavily packed emotions, a place to recharge my energy. It is my small paradise.
The Wishing Well

My philosophy of recycling, of saving mother earth is another side of me. It is rooted deep inside me since I was a child. And just recently, the search led me to solar power energy solution. I never expected that a newbie like me could venture in the kind of business completely out of my bounds. A venture that balanced my passive life. 

Prior to the grand opening of Santillan Solar Products and Services last Dec.27, 2014 at 2 Gemini St., Veraville Homes 1, Almanza 1, Las Piñas City, the company I had put up few months back had quickly gained wide exposure and clientele all over the Philippines. A wide coverage we never expected to be that quick, that’s why the Grand Opening happened. A business venture that not just gained wide clientele but best friends from different solar energy group enthusiasts.

Liter of Light and Solar Enthusiasts
Maybe, you are all curious what is this solar powered energy? Well, I would have a different blog for that so stay tuned. 
Orchids I love
the Pond
the Team
Art Circle Consultant Friends
Some of my Fav.Artists
Making the Limited Edition Pope Francis PCB
Grand Opening

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Baguio City here we come!
With my two best friends
            Baguio City is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The weather is cool and refreshing. Also known the City of Pines I remember back when I was in high school during the 70’s when upon entering Baguio City, the strong scent of Pine trees would fill the air and big the roads are lined with big sunflower plants in full bloom.  It is 1,500m above sea level in the mountainous region of Cordillera. The high altitude has given Baguio the title of “City in the Clouds” and was then replaced as the “City of Flowers” and “Honeymoon Center of the Philippines”. Baguio is a popular weekend getaway for locals and tourists alike. It is easily accessible by road from Manila.
With my bff's family
              Baguio City was first called “Kafagway” and was occupied by the Kankaney and Ibaloi tribes of the Cordilleras. Folks say that the city got its name from “Bag-iw”, a mossy flowering plant that grew in these parts. The Americans would pronounce it as “Bag-i-yo” that later became Baguio.

Bell Church Temple
        The lure of gold prompted the Spaniards to explore Baguio. The early explorers Juan Salcedo(1572) and Don Q.M. Quirante(1664) attempted to conquer Baguio all failed until Commandante de Galvey finally succeeded in 1864 to establish a garrison at La Trinidad, Benguet named after his wife.  They introduced coffee of the Arabica variety and is still grown in this area known as Benguet coffee. The Spanish colonizers started dividing the land into local units called “commandancias” and later into “rancherias”. 

Mines View Park
So when the Americans frist came to Baguio in 1900 the place was not yet a town but was a rancheria owned by Mateo Cariño, the wealthiest man in Benguet Province. The Americans Gov. William Howard Taft and other officials found Baguio an ideal site for future city and summer capital of the Philippines. The project to construct the first road to connect Manila with the mountain region was started in 1901 and Maj.L. Kennon was designated to supervise. The access road was completed three years later and renamed Kennon Road in honor of him. It was in June 1, 1903 that Baguio was officially named the summer capital of the Philippines and to prepare Baguio as the residence of all officers and employees of the Insular Government. This residencial place was later known as Camp John hay.

PMA  aircrafts field
The mansion
In 1919, the people of Baguio witnessed the first aircraft that landed at Baguio Airport. And by the time World War broke out Baguio was a fully working and thriving city. The Japanese conquered the city forcing the American forces and the Filipinos to flee from the Japanese in 1945. The war destroyed the city and residents losing their homes and having to seek cover in the cathedral. September 3, 1945, the Japanese leader of Baguio General Yamashita signed an unconditional surrender at the home of the US Ambassador. And Baguio slowly rose again from the ashes of war to what it is now.

At the Groto
Inside Botanical garden
The earthquake of 1990 brought major destruction to the city’s buildings and infrastructure. The city has recovered and increasing numbers of hotels, modern villages and other developments have sprung up since.  And with the development also came my sadness and concern. Many of the historical or national heritage suffered and was neglected. The once crystal cave awesome and majestic with its stalactites, the clear and transparent fish that abounds in the stream inside the cave and the mummies are gone. It was brutally vandalized. The beautiful flowers with its unusually big rose flowers, the big and abundant sunflower along the roads, the pine trees, everlasting flowers are gone. The original Baguio arts and crafts were replaced by bazaars that sell produce from Manila’s Divisoria. Even Burham park is not anymore appealing as it used to. The sweet smiles of the natives were replaced by arrogant staffs that managing the paid toilets and rest rooms around these places. There are no free restrooms in the city. I miss those days when you are sweetly welcomed by the hospitable and respectable Igorots selling their own arts and crafts. I am angered by my some of my fellowmen who grabbed our brother Igorots of their Heritage and culture. Technology and modern advancement should respect and preserve our national Heritage, our environment…what a pity these beautiful heritages will not be seen by our children, and children’s children. You cannot put back the vandalized crystal caves, the waterfalls and the mountains that were destroyed due to massive explosion and clearing to make a new building or subdivisions.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Tagaytay Highlands

edad50 at Tagaytay Highlands

            Edad50-LolaFashionista turned55, celebrating it with high school classmates, batch mates and friends in a high-end community called Tagaytay Highlands.

Tagaytay Country Club
Tagayay Highlands is in Tagaytay City, Cavite. It is one of the best destinations for sightseeing, vacation or simply to unwind from the rigors of city life both for locals and foreign tourists alike. The city is located in the province of Cavite, 56km south of Manila and lies within 120° 56' longitude and 14° 6' latitude overlooking Manila Bay on the North, Taal Volcano and Taal Lake on the south and Laguna Bay on the East. The city is linked by the national highway to the Metropolitan Manila and to the Province of Batangas, Ninoy Aquino International Airport as the closest major airport and landmark for foreign tourists. It is connected by the roads to adjoining municipalities worth visiting as well; Amadeo, Mendez, Indang, Silang and Alfonso in Cavite towards the northwest, Calamba and Sta.Rosa in Laguna in the northeast and the towns of Talisay in Batangas in the south.

The place is very scenic, cool and sometimes foggy. The weather is mild and average temperature is from 22°C (71°F) to 25°C (77°F). There are only two ‘seasons’, wet and dry. This cool climate and clean air make it more attractive to foreign tourists, locals and what we call ‘balikbayans’ (returning Filipinos from abroad) for leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, camping, golfing, boating on the Taal’s crater lake and more breath taking sceneries and sightseeing.

The Cable Car we missed
            I’ve been to Tagaytay many times and every visit is always different and memorable. The last time I went was with my call center ACE team mates from NCO. We stayed overnight at a co-team mates’ vacation house. Their place is overlooking Taal volcano and Taal Lake. We went to Pink Sisters (The nuns are dressed in pink) the following day. Wrote a request prayer and bought their delicious angel cookies. We savor the different dishes offered by the local and foreign restaurants. Each has its own distinction and class.

The Funicular that we also missed
            This time I was with my high school classmates and their families headed to Tagaytay Highlands. We were in a private car taking the Alabang route via SLEX Sta.Rosa Exit. It is the most popular and easiest straight drive all the way to Tagaytay. We passed Palace in the Sky but never stopped by. This was originally designed to be the presidential guesthouse of former president Ferdinand Marcos. It was never completed and after the Edsa revolution more damage was done by sad to say my irresponsible and immature fellow men. It used to be a beautiful place. It is open now to the public but not anymore in its grandeur. Along the way, you can see small shops lined the roadway;  flower shops and gardens, ‘pasalubong’ shops where you  can buy cheap fresh Cavite pineapples (the sweetest pineapple I’ve tasted), senorita bananas(fat baby finger size bananas), fresh vegetables and other fruits,  buko pies and other delicacies Cavite is very known for. 

            We went to pick up our ‘balikbayan’ batch mate in Alfonso, Cavite. It is another developing community. Resorts and big high-end communities are also being developed in Alfonso attracting more foreigners and well off Filipinos to invest and purchase house and lots because of its cool climate, safety and first class amenities. 

Birthday Lunch at Tagaytay Highlands World class restaurant
            We went straight to Tagaytay Highlands and sated our hungry tummys. The restaurants are world class. It is a posh country club surrounded by luscious greeneries in a sloppy area of Tagaytay City. Tagaytay Highlands is a membership only access country club with many amenities. We wanted so much to ride the cable car but due to strong winds, the ride was suspended. It is supposed to bring us to the highest peak of the Highlands Peaks and see breathtaking views of the surrounding area and Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Another ride we were anticipating to experience that day was the Funicular similar to Hong Kong’s Peak tram. Again because of strong winds the ride was suspended. Aside from the cable car and the funicular, we went around and saw their beautifully landscaped swimming pool…. Brrrrrr…who would dare to swim in a very windy and cool climate…. But yes, there were happy swimmers in the pool! Hmmmm maybe it’s just me, my age, complaining of the wind and cool climate! Our ‘Balikbayan’ friend showed us the other amenities that Tagaytay Highlands offer to their members. There was a three-level sport center where you can play billiards, bowling, badminton, squash, go to gym or spa, basketball courts and other fun acitivities, a fairly new and small animal farm, kart racing track and golf course. Walking to the sport center, we passed by some residents fishing in the fishing pier. 

edad50 singing to her friends
            We all enjoyed our short stay at Tagaytay Highlands, although not everybody can afford the membership fee to the country club, I suggest that the best strategy is to find friends who are members and ask them to lend their membership right to you so you could experience the pleasant and relaxing ambiance of Tagaytay Highlands. I was very lucky to have a ‘balikbayan’ batch mate who not only let us experience life in Tagaytay Highlands, but gave their time, effort and full financial support to make my birthday successful and memorable. It did not end there but was even continued to their sister’s palatial house in Alfonso where we consumed our day singing in their recreation room singing and dancing to our hearts delight. We went home back to Manila bringing with us the beauty and sophistication of Tagaytay Highlands. Edad50's birthday was trully memorable, thanks to all my dearest classmates, batch mates and their families most specially to my dearest balikabayan batchmate and his wife.. Ernesto Padaon and Edna Napalan Padaon.