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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Philippine Ice Skating Coaches

                    The Philippines is a warm and tropical country. We are frequently visited by strong typhoons. We don't have snow and yet Ice skating attracts a lot of kids, teens and even adults to excel and be competitive in ice skating and ice hockey besides the famous basketball played by all youth and adults alike. Actually you can see basketball courts in any street corner, subdivision and public recreation places but not ice skating rinks. The Philippines have only two ice skating rinks available to ice skating enthusiasts; SM Southmall Ice Skating rink and SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink, the latter having a standard Olympic size and host to most major national ice skating competitions in the Philippines. It was where 2007 Skate Asia was held and Shariita and Jovanii was one of the competitors. Both kids where part of the opening presentations when Mall of Asia opened it's rink to the public years before Skate Asia was held.            

                     Shariita and Jovanii started their skating interest and training in SM Southmall Ice Skating rink located in Las Pinas City. Back then, SM Megamall Ice Skating Rink was still in operation and Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink was not yet built. Excellent training was conducted by world class coaches. These coaches get training from abroad, took their exams as coach and judge abroad. They are very serious to produce world class ice skaters and show the world that the Philippines can produce best ice skaters even if the country doesn't have snow. The Philippines are proud to have coaches like Coach Albert Aguilar, Coach Frank Masayon, Coach Al Marinas, Coach Nardie Aranton, Coach Edward Bungalon and so many other coaches to mention. They are all world class coaches SM Ice Skating Rinks are proud off. And I am proud to have my two grandchildren trained by some of these coaches. They treated the kids not just as their students but as their own children. I am not just witnessed to that, my own grandchildren(Shariita and Jovanii) were accorded that kind of love and quality training.

                       They had produced gold medalists and competitive world class ice skaters competing against other countries in Asia and the United States. We never went home a loser, our baggages were overflowing with heavy gold medals and trophies.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Google Adsense Support

                                 THANK YOU!

                What could be the best way to thank you Google Adsense Support for helping me solve the problem of not getting approve twice for Google Adsense is through my blog. I was feeling very hopeless for getting email from Adsense that my application was not approved. I was confused and don't know how and why. Until I decided to write Google Adsense Support for clarification and advise. I'm very happy and thankful for their quick response. I've learned that my previous Adsense account is still active and that I only have to update some information from my account. I had totally forgotten about that Adsense account. Good enough I can still remember the passwords I use in all my accounts. They even guided me step by step in detail as to how and what to do. Isn't that great? From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH GOOGLE ADSENSE SUPPORT!


                              My Baby is an Ice Skater

                     Today is Philippine National Ice Skating Championship at Mall of Asia. My facebook wall is quiet for a while because most of my facebook friends are your ice skating friends and their parents. I would have been busy as well and already having all the jitters and stomach cramps from nervousness and stress. It will be a venue for all ice skaters, competitors and non-competitors, parents and friends to watch and socialize. I couldn't help feeling very sad and remembering you. You, who were so relaxed and confident you would never miss being a part of any competition. I was the one feeling nervous every time you were competing or performing on ice. You're so graceful, so beautiful in your costume.

Manila Standard 2002
                    I could not help going back to the past Shariita when you were 6 years old. We were at Southmall then and you saw ice skaters practicing and playing on ice from below. Southmall Ice skating rink is located at the lower level. I had seen from your eyes you wanted to be one of them. We enrolled for a trial program which led you to numerous local and international competitions. And the rink became almost like our home and we were boarders in our very own house. The rink was your playground,too. You would wake up so early eager to be in the rink at once.We were in the mall before it opens and even long after it is closed. You  were full of life when you were in the rink. All coaches, rink staffs and co-ice skaters called you Ate. You're so sweet and adorable, you were well loved by everybody in the rink. You were their baby especially to your coach, Coach Albert Aguilar.

                     Ice skating made you strong, competitive, sport and disciplined. It molded your good character. I was right then to have allowed and supported your passion because you Shariita, my baby was truly an ice skater.