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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Philippine Ice Skating Coaches

                    The Philippines is a warm and tropical country. We are frequently visited by strong typhoons. We don't have snow and yet Ice skating attracts a lot of kids, teens and even adults to excel and be competitive in ice skating and ice hockey besides the famous basketball played by all youth and adults alike. Actually you can see basketball courts in any street corner, subdivision and public recreation places but not ice skating rinks. The Philippines have only two ice skating rinks available to ice skating enthusiasts; SM Southmall Ice Skating rink and SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink, the latter having a standard Olympic size and host to most major national ice skating competitions in the Philippines. It was where 2007 Skate Asia was held and Shariita and Jovanii was one of the competitors. Both kids where part of the opening presentations when Mall of Asia opened it's rink to the public years before Skate Asia was held.            

                     Shariita and Jovanii started their skating interest and training in SM Southmall Ice Skating rink located in Las Pinas City. Back then, SM Megamall Ice Skating Rink was still in operation and Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink was not yet built. Excellent training was conducted by world class coaches. These coaches get training from abroad, took their exams as coach and judge abroad. They are very serious to produce world class ice skaters and show the world that the Philippines can produce best ice skaters even if the country doesn't have snow. The Philippines are proud to have coaches like Coach Albert Aguilar, Coach Frank Masayon, Coach Al Marinas, Coach Nardie Aranton, Coach Edward Bungalon and so many other coaches to mention. They are all world class coaches SM Ice Skating Rinks are proud off. And I am proud to have my two grandchildren trained by some of these coaches. They treated the kids not just as their students but as their own children. I am not just witnessed to that, my own grandchildren(Shariita and Jovanii) were accorded that kind of love and quality training.

                       They had produced gold medalists and competitive world class ice skaters competing against other countries in Asia and the United States. We never went home a loser, our baggages were overflowing with heavy gold medals and trophies.


  1. nice posting dude..
    i'm here to see your article and click on your ads (your adsense) i hope you can do for me too..

  2. Wow! you got very talented grankids Ms. Tess!
    I can imagine how proud of you to have them.
    How i wish i could skate too,,hehehe..but i only know how to eat ice skating talent..hehe!

    beautiful post..keep them coming, i'm following you now:)

  3. you're a cool lola! ako kasi i always know lolas to be very strict and old fashioned. but look at you. I know southmall co'z we're always at my in laws who live in moonwalk. I hope to be like you when i am 50 already hehe

  4. @ Hi Handy, thanks for your comment, I would surely visit you blog and adsense and be one of your followers.

    @ beanizer, hahahaha you made me laugh there...I also know hoe to eat ice cream but not to skate. I can only know if the maneuvers are correct though.

    @ littleyana, i had always dreamed to be an ice skater but we don't have ice skating rink during my i end up a stage grandlola...I live near moonwalk..

  5. know the right manuevers to eat the ice cyeam..hehe!
    but i like those movies (w/c i forgot the title) where the main actress and actor is in an ice skating contest..grrrrr..what's that's in the tip of my tongue!
    i'll practice skating inside the freezer tonight..wish me luck :)

  6. wow your really funny...there are many ice skating movies maybe you've seen the latest ice princess or cutting edge...sya hala perfect that maneuver coz i'm the judge today..and never drop or mess up... good luck :)

  7. I never thought of the Philippines representing a sports like ice skating. I thought its just a hobby for the kids whenever I see them in Mega Mall before the rink was closed. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Hi Jolly Princess, we always bag gold medals whenever we join international competitions, hindi pa nga lang olympics kasi recently lang tayo nagkaroon ng olympic size rink (MOA) and isang criteria yun para makajoin sa olympics. very near na tayo dun, sadly my shariita passed away last may 21 and jovanii stoped ice skating due to financial reasons, kaya in to basketball naman sya ngayon...oh yeah my 2 apos used to have wall photos in mega mall ice skating rink. I used to work in a call center(NCO)in Taguig.