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Friday, January 16, 2015

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OMG! Almost 3 years since I last blog? Three long years of not expressing my thoughts and emotions on pen? Wow…already so many emotional and mental struggles I had crossed, activities and achievements had filled my day to day life, successes that made my life more colorful and radiant…blessings I could no longer account...and yes I am back…ready to blog and journal again my journey in this world.

My Dearest Best Friends
What kept me busy these past three years? This page wouldn’t be enough to enumerate it all. But what I was sure of was the happiness it had brought me, of the big step out of my mourning, of my deep depression, of feeling alone, of not wanting to live of finally seeing again how colourful and wonderful the world is.

My favorite Mahilum Brothers
I had been to many experiments of how I could bring back myself to present and these all led me to where I am now. I had enjoyed my life as an art consultant in Art Circle Gallery. I was given the best opportunity of meeting the best artists of our land like the Mahilum brothers, Mr.Manny and Angelo Baldemor, Mr.Henry Ordoña. Mr. Oliver Marquex, Mr. Alex Uy, Mr. Nilo Badajos to name a few. Thankful I had a happy working relationship with Mr. Gene Leynes, Manny Feli-cen, Raymond Biares, Jonalyn Francisco, Jocelyn Fondevilla, Pamela Grace Velasco, Mam O and so many of them to mention.

But my love for nature always pulls me. Just recently my dream fishpond and Garden had finally materialized. It’s my small world, my recluse, my abode. A place to relax my mind, empty my heavily packed emotions, a place to recharge my energy. It is my small paradise.
The Wishing Well

My philosophy of recycling, of saving mother earth is another side of me. It is rooted deep inside me since I was a child. And just recently, the search led me to solar power energy solution. I never expected that a newbie like me could venture in the kind of business completely out of my bounds. A venture that balanced my passive life. 

Prior to the grand opening of Santillan Solar Products and Services last Dec.27, 2014 at 2 Gemini St., Veraville Homes 1, Almanza 1, Las Piñas City, the company I had put up few months back had quickly gained wide exposure and clientele all over the Philippines. A wide coverage we never expected to be that quick, that’s why the Grand Opening happened. A business venture that not just gained wide clientele but best friends from different solar energy group enthusiasts.

Liter of Light and Solar Enthusiasts
Maybe, you are all curious what is this solar powered energy? Well, I would have a different blog for that so stay tuned. 
Orchids I love
the Pond
the Team
Art Circle Consultant Friends
Some of my Fav.Artists
Making the Limited Edition Pope Francis PCB
Grand Opening