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Friday, December 10, 2010


             Blog came from the word "weblog". It is written by an individual  or group of people. It is an online journal or web diary of the writer where each post or blog are published online. It could also be a photoblog, or combination of text and photos, a videoblog,  audioblog and hyperlinks.When creating a blog, keep in mind to determine the purpose of your blog. Are you blogging to make money or aspiring to become a popular blogger? If your purpose is to make money, then you must realize that your income will be dependent upon the people who visit you site. Allow your readers to get to know you and why you blog. By increasing familiarity with your readers, you gain more trust from them and become your regular reader.

            Nowadays, blogging is a very popular work at home job for students, homemakers, professionals and non-professionlas. You only need a computer and an internet connection. You can do it at home or anywhere you are.

            Whatever your purpose is, keep in mind to write what your passionate about. Regularly add and update your blog. Keep your content unique to get the interest of your reader. By socializing with other bloggers and posting comments on their blog will give visitors to your blog and increase your income. You can monetize your blog by registering to google adsense or by being an affiliate to some advertisers online. The success of your home business blog depends more of your persistence not from the result of learning an art or being technological savvy.


  1. I’ve seen this time and time again with some of my friends’ blogs, they share feelings and thoughts that I’d have a hard time getting from them in person,,blogging really works

  2. Hello! You are right I love the nature very much.Thank You very much for Your comment!

  3. Good post Blog is good platform for us to express ourselves !!!!!