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Sunday, January 29, 2017



MASA Inc is a group of volunteers from all walks of life. Volunteers as young as 10 years old to a very strong and smart 76 years old happily sharing their precious time to help give these lights of hope to our IP communities in need. Without them, MASA inc wouldn't be this successful in so short a time. 

Young Volunteers and trainers of MASA Inc
MASA Inc Technical and Design Team leaders; Sir Ding Galang and Sir Myk Mica

We climbed mountains, walked long rough and rugged paths and terrain, battled the heat of the sun or the rain, struggled making a step on very sticky mud or slippery paths going up the site of the village. 

Climbed Moustains

We had crossed rivers and streams battling the cold and strong water current, traveled the most bumpy and rugged roads still with all smiles and a happy heart. 

crossed river
We slept on rugged and rocky floor of the tents that stood just few steps the river banks, bathed in rivers and ate with our bare hands together like one big happy family, a happy friendship that grew deep in our hearts from working together for the good of the community and our environment with thoughts that one day these solar lamps we share will produce better citizens, professionals, teachers, architects, engineers, IT experts or who knows a mayor or a president someday?

slept on hammocks and hard wooden floor
or sleep on tents near river banks

bathed on clear and unpolluted river
We had always been confident and sure our travel is safe and will always be on time with our Logistics Team leader, Lito Pastor on the wheels. 
Lito with some aleder aetas at Botolan, Zambales
The life and heart of the solar native lamp is in the circuit. It had been innovated many times for upgrades and better performance by no other than the best Technical Team leader of the group, Myk Mica.

Myk Mica assembling the native solar lamp
Sponsors and donors played the most important role in MASA Inc. It is not that easy to scout for one since we are not yet that famous or as other would say we are not yet branded like big NGOs or foundations. But we are not for branding, our aim is to help in any way we could, donations big and small when put together would already put a hope to any IP community. And who does better and more able in that field but no other than our Social and Marketing Team leader, Jeff Samuel Daquilanea.
Sir Jeff checking our trail
In the solar world dominated by mostly men, we need woman shakers and movers to empower women and prove to all that women too can be solar advocates and engineers. We are glad to have our Women Empowerment Team Leader Ria San Gabriel.
Ria and sir Jeff
And who could make the best MASA Inc videos but none other than Rolly Magpayo, a known professional photographer, videographer, editor and artist.
Sir Rolly in action
Finances are not yet that easy flowing for MASA Inc. A lot of times funds would come from our own pockets to push through a project. We are really thankful and owe a lot of gratitude to Maria Dolores Fontanilla for helping us with finances.
Dolly during Christmas gift giving party for Magata Tribe
Experiences from the past acquaintances made MASA Inc just even stronger and learned. With the help of our Sales Marketing Team leader Rob Tan, he helped and guided us with patenting our native solar lamp.
Sir Rob and Lito at 2nd AFP Climate Change Summit
These are the hard working solar advocates behind the success of MASA Inc and of course all the volunteers who were untiringly supporting the advocacy and always on call whenever they are need.

Is the food ready sir Myk?

Ready to boodle fight
Lito with boces of solar lamps for the Lumads of Bukidnon

Climb to Magata Tribe
a banca with our load
We need your help to ba able to continue this advocacy. For donations and sponsorship you may contact MASA Inc at Tel: 887 3273 or CP: 09173870895. 

You may also email us at or

You may also message us on our FB page

Please support our "DONATE A SOLAR LAMP INSPIRE A CHILD" campaign. Thank you