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Sunday, November 28, 2010


                              My Baby is an Ice Skater

                     Today is Philippine National Ice Skating Championship at Mall of Asia. My facebook wall is quiet for a while because most of my facebook friends are your ice skating friends and their parents. I would have been busy as well and already having all the jitters and stomach cramps from nervousness and stress. It will be a venue for all ice skaters, competitors and non-competitors, parents and friends to watch and socialize. I couldn't help feeling very sad and remembering you. You, who were so relaxed and confident you would never miss being a part of any competition. I was the one feeling nervous every time you were competing or performing on ice. You're so graceful, so beautiful in your costume.

Manila Standard 2002
                    I could not help going back to the past Shariita when you were 6 years old. We were at Southmall then and you saw ice skaters practicing and playing on ice from below. Southmall Ice skating rink is located at the lower level. I had seen from your eyes you wanted to be one of them. We enrolled for a trial program which led you to numerous local and international competitions. And the rink became almost like our home and we were boarders in our very own house. The rink was your playground,too. You would wake up so early eager to be in the rink at once.We were in the mall before it opens and even long after it is closed. You  were full of life when you were in the rink. All coaches, rink staffs and co-ice skaters called you Ate. You're so sweet and adorable, you were well loved by everybody in the rink. You were their baby especially to your coach, Coach Albert Aguilar.

                     Ice skating made you strong, competitive, sport and disciplined. It molded your good character. I was right then to have allowed and supported your passion because you Shariita, my baby was truly an ice skater.


  1. She was once one of the best ice skaters and now she's one of the most beautiful of God's Angels :D

  2. Thanks Henz, yes she's one of the most beautiful of God's Angels. I'm sure she's making a lot friends there now. That's her character. She's always friendly, sweet and adorable, I know that. Although I cannot help myself remembering her without tears streaming on my cheeks, I am thankful to God that He didn't allow my baby Shariita to endure or prolong her pain. She's very brave. You know how much I love her and how hard it is for me not to feel the pain of losing her just like that.

  3. It hurts to lose someone. But we will all be with our loved ones in the future. Thanks for sharing the beautiful story of a lovely angel.♥)