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Saturday, January 28, 2017



MASA Inc designed a Native solar lamp using indigenous materials, recycled bottle and 
its circuit. Among the IP Communities that MASA Inc had visited, we felt the need to help the Dumagat Remontados of MAGATA Tribe to have another or extra source of income by teaching them to make these native solar lamps out the indigenous materials found in their community. Rattan, coconut shell and nito fern are abundant in the area and in the deep forest of Tanay.  

MASA Inc circuit is used to make the solar lighting work. These circuits are usually assembled in sponsored workshops by CSR's, schools and universities, cooperatives, government and private institutions. After assembly of the circuit, these are then connected to other parts in the lamp and the finished native solar lamp is donated to another IP community.

In this way, we had helped an IP community get extra source of livelihood, let CSR's and other institutions have awareness regarding renewable energy, share their extra resources to communities in need, help light up other IP communities and inspire and motivate every child or student who received the solar lamp to do their best in school since they have now their source of light at night to help light up their study nights. Who knows that with these lamps, we could inspire would be engineers, teachers, architects, IT experts and a mayor or president? Besides helping these IP communities have continuous source of light, we had helped them save 15 or more pesos a day for their gas consumption for a bottle of gas lamp. Gas lamps are hazardous to health and the environment. 

There are still thousands of IP communities that lives in darkness and in need of our help. We would like to appeal to your kind hearts to support these advocacy through donations or sponsorship. You may contact us at Tel: (632)8873273 or CP: (632)9173870895. You may email us also at or message us on our FB page.

DONATE A SOLAR LAMP INSPIRE A CHILD fund raising campaign is a continuous campaign 
for the IP communities.

Thank you sir Rolly Magpayo for this beautiful video shoot.

***MASA Inc native solar lamp has pending patent at IPO

MASA Inc (Magkasamang Adhikaing Solar Association, Inc.) is a non profit-non stock organization whose mission is to help light up IP(Indigenous People) communities all over the country that doesn't have access to local electric provider and who are less privilege to acquire a simple solar lamp. 

MASA Inc was first created as an FB group page last May 27, 2015 to give free seminars, workshops, and training about solar power set ups, information and new solar innovations. The founder, MA. TERESITA SANTILLAN saw and realized that there are more to than just giving free seminar workshops. She saw and felt that there are less privileged people who couldn't afford a solar set up, the marginalized and the IP communities in far flung and remote areas of the mountains and villages.  She then registered the group at SEC last July 9, 2015 to be able to start legitimately helping these communities. 

Nuworks 100 Solar Lights of Hope workshop

Since it's creation MASA Inc had already conducted numerous free seminars, workshops and trainings and had produced 29 TESDA certified EPAS NCII volunteers and trainers and the first Solar PV Installation NCII certified member came from MASA Inc. The first certified in the whole of Luzon and Visayas after the only certified trainer in ARRM,Mindanao. 


It had been interviewed on different radio stations and been given a Hero's award and certificates of recognition.

It had innovated circuits for small lamps, streetlights and solar power generator sets. These innovations had already been sent and used by many countries across USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. It had helped a local NGO operating globally solve its multi million dollar global and local circuit problem. 

It's solar lamps had gone to many upgrades from a simple recycled pet bottle, to jars, gas lamps to native solar lamp.


MASA Inc had helped quite a number of IP villages across the country had the simple solar lamps. It had saved them at least 15 pesos of gas and candles to aid their students in studying at night which are very hazardous to their lungs and health. Gas lamps or candles are prone to accidents of fire. 

Aetas Of  Botolan, Zambales

There are still thousands of IP communities that live in darkness and doesn't have access to electricity. 

One of the many outreach programs of MASA Inc with the IP communities
We need your help and support. Please join our campaign "DONATE A SOLAR LAMP INSPIRE A CHILD" and hoping that this simple solar lamp donated to each IP family could produce an architect, engineer, teacher, IT expert or maybe a mayor or president? 


For donations and sponsorship, you may contact us at Tel: 632- 887 3273 or CP No.: 63-917 387 0895. You may also email us at or or message us on our FB page:

Dumagats of General Nakar, Quezon Province, Philippines
Dumagat Remontados of Magata Tribe Village, Tanay

Solar Streetlights for Magata Tribe Village

Tarlac OFW Cooperative Livelihood workshop

Workshop with the AFP, MARINES and NAVIES

MASA Inc donated the Solar Power Generator Sets for the Islands of PAG-ASA Islands, Palawan

Solar Panel making workshop at DCP

Solar Panel making workshop with congressmen and women of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES