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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Should I ?


               I had tread so many rough roads and still trudging along all by myself. Many a times, I would conclude life is not fair with me...then self pity eats me up and couldn't contain my tears to flood my cheeks. Why despite of all the efforts I do, life is still harsh. I was always put in a situation where I have no way out. My heart and soul disagree to escape the imposed responsibility left to me by my own family. It's like a vicious cycle I have no control with. I wanted so much to escape, a way out... to be free...but how?

                 Here I am silently complaining of my situation, regretting a lot, always comparing when there are people who are in even worse condition than I am. It broke my heart  to see and realize I'm a lot luckier than these two batch mates I came to visit yesterday and today. My forever soft heart became even more soft seeing the once beautiful Aurea Abaya of IV-6c paralyzed. She lives in a shanty in one of the used to be squatters area in Pasay City. Due to extreme poverty, she cannot buy the prescribed medicines given to her 2 years ago. She's skinny. She cannot eat well because she cannot also afford to buy a full denture. She's so pale because she just stay home and sits whole day on a very hard plastic chair. To buy a wheel chair is very costly.

               I at once decided I have to do something to at least uplift her spirit and morale. I was with my other three batch mates Dolly, Greta and Jess. We all decided in unison to pass by Pasay City Hall to ask help from Ric Garcia who happen to work in the mayor's offfice. Without much ado I told him I need a wheel chair and his recommendation to Pasay City General hospital for Aurea's general medical check up and supply of medicine is badly needed now. My plea was heard at once and Ric was quick to act. He asked a staff to reserve a wheel chair for Aurea and he called the hospital to schedule Aurea for medical checkup. Aurea gave a smile of hope when we left her.

           Back at home, alone in my world and in deep reflection I was pondering a thought ....should I self pity....should I think of escaping and demand a way out?


  1. DOLLY LIVING HAPPILYNovember 18, 2010 at 7:19 PM

    No my dear BFF Tess - you should not pity yourself at least we are still in good shape,alive and kicking not like the others. We are much luckier than our 2 batchmate. So we must be thankful to GOD and we must continue what we have started in helping our batchmates with all the best that we can.Thanks! GOD BLESS!

  2. A touching post. You show so much concern and love. You are an angel!

    P.S. Thanks for following my blog. Now, I'm here to follow yours. :)

  3. Thanks Balqis. That is my weakness, having a soft heart. :)