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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Start of My Journey

Tess at 54

The Start of My Journey

           Edad50 is my journal, my life at age 50 to .........?
My past was a great novel, a classic theatre of my life, very unique..... very challenging. It was filled with sorrows and happiness, with trials and success, with shame and fame. It gave me strength and wisdom that made me of what I am now.

          Looking back, I thought then I was accomplished, I was strong...but no I'm mistaken, because  alone... I'm weak, I'm scared, I'm a coward....more often than not, my laughter and smiles scares me a lot....because despite the facade, sorrow, uncertainties and fear is hiding and deeply creeping in my soul.....

          Just like what my adorable grand daughter Shariita had written in her diary when she was still alive, "I'm not a singer but I could sing, I'm not a dancer but I could dance", isn't that apt to me?  I am not happy but I could smile?

          My journey, journey I have to brace... a life I have to live..

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  1. Everyone faces certain chapters in life which are filled with happiness and sadness. Going through a not-so-perfect life makes us more matured in handling many situations.

    Wishing you the best in your life!